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"I don't like it" when I've had an AMAZING meeting that I THOUGHT solved all my problems, only to get home EXHAUSTED and be confronted with a whole new set of problems that made me vomit from anger, frustration and embarassment all at the same time. Don't worry, folks, after four hours of phone calls, it got 3/4 sorted out. The most important 3/4ths, too. But MAN it sucked. I'm so fucking sleep deprived, and emotionally drained, but elated that I hactually have work to do tonight that I'm being paid for. And paid WELL. Thank god.

PS... I know this isn't MY group, but wouldn't it be cool if you had to start all your posts here with "I don't like it?"
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I don't like going first, for one thing...

...but I won't let it stop me. I can't remember the last time I turned down an invitation to bitch.

You know how it is when a good friend finally sucks it up and breaks up with that poor miserable S.O. who's been making Good Friend's life equally miserable... but then, 27 hours later, G.F. decides he/she REALLY made a mistake, surprises self with "depth" of "regret," and decides to consider getting back with S.O., despite reams of compelling evidence urging a contrary direction?

I really don't like that.